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6 of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Table Tennis Equipment

Courtesy of Samson Dubina

Samson Dubina

In this text, I’m going to provide detailed solutions 6 of the mostly requested questions on desk tennis tools.  Selecting the correct tools is one of the greatest methods to maximise one’s potential.

Question #1
What are the benefits/disadvantages of carbon blades verses all wooden blades?

Generally, carbon blades are sooner and extra appropriate for the superior participant.  For a newbie, it’s best to decide on a really sluggish, managed wooden blade.  This will enable the participant to develop stable strokes as a result of the ball has extra dwell-time on the racket.  A sooner blade is healthier for an attacking participant who contacts the ball at the high of the bounce.  A managed blade is healthier for a defensive or all-around participant who performs from many alternative distances from the desk.

Wood blades have extra really feel and vibration than carbon blades.  As a newbie, it is very important “feel” the ball.  For this motive, I might recommend utilizing an all-wood blade for the first three years.  After a participant has wonderful strokes and feeling, it might be advisable to probably transfer as much as a carbon blade for added energy.  At the elite stage, gamers who primarily use energy to win factors usually play with carbon blades for a tough really feel.  Elite gamers who use contact to win factors usually play with all-wood blades for a a lot softer really feel.

Carbon blades have a bigger sweet-spot on account of the bolstered layers and more durable feeling of the blade.  This will give barely extra room for error if the participant doesn’t contact the ball in the heart of the racket.

The last issue to think about is the value.  Most wooden blades value between $40-$100.  Most carbon blades value between $60-$200.  If a participant makes use of the racket for a minimum of 1 yr, paying the more money is probably price it.  The racket will final for 5-10 years.

In the first Three years of enjoying, I might encourage the newbie to pick out the 5-ply, all wooden Nittaku Rising blade.  For these gamers wanting to make use of a quick carbon blade, I might recommend utilizing the Nittaku Survellian.  For these gamers wanting a quick wooden blade, I might recommend the Nittaku Ludeak (which I personally use).

Question #2
What is the impact of sponge thickness? Is it the similar for anti/lengthy pips rubber as for offensive rubber?

Thicker sponge provides extra of a trampoline impact producing extra pace and spin.  Most offensive gamers use sponge that’s a minimum of 2.0mm.  Thinner sponge provides extra management and feels more durable as a result of the ball sinks deeper to the wooden.  Many defensive gamers use sponge that’s 1.Zero-2.0mm.

Another issue to think about is the weight.  For senior residents, youngsters, and all newcomers, I like to recommend a lightweight racket.  Having 1.Zero-2.0mm sponge will assist hold the racket gentle.

Anti/lengthy pips rubbers will not be grippy and subsequently give spin reversal.  By having sponge, the anti/lengthy pips will grip the ball extra and provides much less reversal.  For the nastiest block with spin reversal, I recommend to make use of no sponge or very skinny sponge.    For the mid to lengthy distance chopper, I recommend to make use of 1.5mm sponge to provide extra pace to the ball.   From fifteen toes away from the desk, the racket should have some pace to hold the ball again to the desk.  Although it is going to have much less reversal, it is going to be capable of produce extra spin by itself and will probably be extra constant from that distance.

Question #Three
What is the impact of sponge hardness/density?

The hardness/density results how deep the ball sinks into the sponge.  Softer sponge can have extra dwell time and permit the ball to sink deep giving the ball the next arch.  Most loopers and people specializing in spinny photographs and extra arch choose gentle sponge.  Softer sponge is lighter in weight and simpler to carry out extra spin on the sluggish photographs: loop towards backspin, chop, and push.  Harder sponge has much less dwell time and doesn’t enable the ball to sink deep into the sponge.  Many aggressive counterlooping gamers like more durable sponge as a result of there’s extra potential for energy and spin from mid-distance.  Although more durable sponge is heavier, one should additionally contemplate the sponge thinkness when gauging the weight.

Most rubbers have two variations, a gentle one and a tough one; for instance Narucross EX Hard and Narucross EX Soft.  This doesn’t imply that the exhausting is extraordinarily exhausting or the gentle is extraordinarily gentle.  It simply implies that one is softer than the different.  Before buying a rubber, seek the advice of the overview on every rubber.

Question #four
What is the distinction between a lightweight and a heavy blade? 

The weight distinction is because of a number of components:   the supplies used, the head measurement, the quantity of plies, and the deal with kind.  If the blade has a hole deal with, it is going to be extra high heavy.  If the blade has a stable deal with, it is going to be extra equally balanced from high to backside.

Generally, close-to-the-table gamers use gentle blades, lower than 70-90 grams.  A lightweight blade present extra racket pace and quickness for a great backhand/forehand transition.  Choppers and lobbers use heavy blades, 90-100 grams.  Because the distance participant has extra time to react to the ball, a heavy blade will present extra stability and consistency away from the desk.

Children below 13 years previous, newcomers, and anybody with restricted energy ought to use a racket that’s 70-80 grams.  This will enable them to have good racket pace and develop correct strokes with out battling fatigue.

Question #5
What is the benefit/drawback between massive and small head blades? 

Generally, bigger head blades are heavier and smaller head blades are lighter.  The close-to-the-table attackers typically use small blades as a result of they’re simple to maneuver for serve, serve return, and over the desk pushes and assaults.  Also, when swinging a small head blade, there will probably be much less wind-resistance.  Distance choppers and lobbers typically use bigger blades as a result of they’ve a greater likelihood to hitting the ball, and fast maneuvering isn’t a problem.

Another issue to think about is the quantity of rubber that it takes to cowl the racket.  Smaller head blades will probably be lighter as a result of they require much less rubber to cowl the floor.  Large head blade will probably be a lot heavier and change into barely high heavy with the added weight close to the finish of the racket.

Question #6
How typically ought to I modify my rubber? 
Inverted rubber lasts 60 hours for the common membership participant.  If the participant makes use of it each day for 2 hours, it must be modified as soon as per thirty days.  If he makes use of it twice per week for 2 hours, it must be modified each 4 months.  Cleaning the rubber after every each apply session and sealing it with adhesive rubber safety sheets is the greatest means to make sure the full 60 hours of use.

Anti spin rubber often lasts for 2-5 years.  With no friction, the rubber really turns into higher with age.  The solely means for the anti rubber to wear-out is for the sponge to degrade.  Check to make sure that the rubber bounces equally on all components of the blade.
Pips rubber often lasts about 100-150 hours.  The rubber is worn-out when the pips start to interrupt or the sponge degrades giving it an inconsistent bounce.

Samson makes use of the Nittaku Ludeak Blade with Nittaku FastArc G1 rubber on either side together with Nittaku Three- StarPremium 40+  balls.

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