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Good Running Technique: 7 Bad Running Form Habits, And How To Avoid Them

Good Running Technique

7 Bad Running Form Habits, And How To Avoid Them
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good running technique - 7 bad running form habits

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By Coach Dave, We Run Coach for Worcester

Good working type helps you practice and carry out at your finest and prevents accidents. By distinction, a poor working motion can sabotage your success and delight as a runner. Particularly in marathon campaigns, the place you’re more likely to take over one million steps! So, on this weblog publish we’ll take a look at 7 widespread working method errors to keep away from for a extremely efficient working type.


Benefits of Good Running Form

Here’s a number of causes you’ll need to develop a great working method;

  • Better working economic system – it feels simpler with much less wasted effort
  • Lower affect on joints and tendons and higher neuromuscular coordination to considerably cut back your danger of accidents
  • Improved working mechanics permitting you to run sooner, for longer
  • Greater resilience within the later phases of races in comparison with runners with a poor motion

Remember the important thing phrase is ‘good’. Your working motion doesn’t have to be poetry in movement.

Unfortunately, many runners look extra like poultry in movement!

running technique mistakes to avoid - runner with poor form

Running Form Fixes

You don’t need to waste useful coaching time getting higher at working badly! So, listed here are 7 widespread working method errors to keep away from for extremely efficient working, that will help you develop good working type and preserve it.

Running Technique Mistake 1: Looking Down

Aim to look 30-40m forward, hold your chin in and consider your self working tall. To assist, think about a helium balloon tied to the highest of your head, pulling you upwards.

running technique mistakes - looking down

Running Technique Mistake 2: Hunched or Tense Shoulders

Shake your shoulders free earlier than working after which hold them sq., rolled again, stage and relaxed.

running technique mistakes - hunched or tense shoulders

Running Technique Mistake three: Wasteful Arm Action

Emphasise a straight backswing till your hand flippantly brushes your waist, then enable the arm to swing ahead in a slight inwards arc, bringing your hand as much as chest peak. Many runners discover the mantra ‘pockets to sockets’ to be a helpful cue – reminding them to drive their arms from in step with their trouser pockets, to in step with their shoulder sockets.

running technique mistakes - wasteful arm action

Running Technique Mistake four: Leaning Forward From Waist

Instead, lean your complete physique very barely forwards out of your ankles, transfer your chest up and out and gently pull your decrease stomach in.

running technique mistakes - leaning forward from the waist

Running Technique Mistake 5: Sitting On Your Hips

Press your hips ahead and hold your backside in as you drive your leg ahead.

running technique mistakes - sitting back on the hips

Running Technique Mistake 6: Overstriding

Focus on mild, quick strides with out overreaching. Working to progressively improve your cadence (the variety of steps you’re taking per minute) can even assist to scale back overstriding.

Running Technique Mistake 7: Stiff Action

Try to recollect to conduct a daily psychological physique scan for rigidity, straining and clenching, and suppose gentle face, neck, shoulders, arms and palms.

running technique mistakes - stiff action

Running Form Drills

We realise that that is all an excessive amount of to soak up and work on without delay! So we encourage you to work on correcting one dangerous working behavior at a time, to enhance your working method progressively. And flip these actions into habits by constructing working type drills into your weekly schedule. You’ll rapidly discover your working type picks up in additional methods than one!

Running Technique Coaching

Our working evaluation service was designed to supply ‘regular’ runners identical to you with a one-stop evaluation of their working type, from head-to-toe, performed by a certified and skilled Running Coach. Now one in all our hottest companies, this 90-minute tune-up session and personalised written report has helped 1000’s of runners lay the foundations and construct in the direction of higher working method.

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what you need to know

  • You take too many strides in coaching and racing to be getting each one in all them badly unsuitable!

  • You can get an immediate efficiency enhance by making a number of easy adjustments to your working motion

  • Good working method is the goal… Don’t get hung up striving for good working type!

what you need to do

  • Fix the largest flaws in your working method separately

  • Add only a few minutes to your heat as much as observe good working type

  • Think gentle face, neck, shoulders, arms and palms as you run!

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