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Pretend You’re a Goalkeeper to Correct Your Table Tennis Stance

pretend you're a goalkeeper

Recently, I’ve been teaching desk tennis to a variety of full learners and, as you’d count on, that has concerned me having to hammer house all the fundamentals; grip, stance, footwork, and so on. Stance, particularly, is at all times a battle. New gamers have a tendency to like to stand on the desk simply as in the event that they had been ready for a bus!

I’ve already obtained a standard article all concerning the appropriate stance however for this week’s Thursday afternoon weblog put up I’ve determined to share a particular teaching assist that I exploit to assist gamers keep in mind it.

“Pretend you’re a goalkeeper…”

It’s the soccer/soccer goalkeeper analogy.

When I see a desk tennis participant with an unhelpful stance/prepared place usually all I would like to say is…

Pretend you’re a goalkeeper prepared to obtain a penalty.

…and, supplied the participant has no less than some easy information of soccer, they have a tendency to instantly get into a a lot better stance for desk tennis.

goalkeeper penalty stance

You’d be shocked how comparable the 2 stances are! The following is taken from Soccer Coach Weekly…

The prepared place is the place that goalkeepers want to undertake as they put together to cease a shot… Feet shoulder width aside. Knees barely bent. Weight on the balls of the ft. Hands at waist peak. Elbows tucked in. Shoulders ahead (nostril over toes). Balanced. Head regular, eyes on the ball.

And right here’s a nice clarification from KeeperStop…

The prepared place is the motion taken to load the muscular tissues and to set up a sturdy, balanced, and agile base simply earlier than a shot. This is completed by having your ft shoulder width aside, weight on the balls of your ft, slight bend within the knees and again, palms positioned out in entrance comfortably within the hip space. This stance will assist a goalkeeper preserve correct stability and hold their weight ahead. The form of the keeper will seem concave.

Replace the phrase “goalkeeper” with “table tennis player” and that may very well be straight out of a desk tennis teaching guide!

Why it really works

The great thing about the goalkeeper teaching analogy is simply how a lot technical info might be conveyed utilizing one easy picture. Nobody, when standing in objective prepared to obtain a penalty, would select to get up utterly straight, or have their ft actually shut collectively, or have their weight on their heels.

No, you’d need to have a large base, and get down a little decrease, and have your weight on the balls of your ft – prepared to spring left or proper.

I’ve additionally discovered that a conventional means of explaining the desk tennis stance or prepared place (breaking it down physique half by physique half) can find yourself creating extra points than it solves.

For instance, as I discussed at the beginning of the put up, numerous new desk tennis gamers like to try to play standing bolt upright. A bit like this…

ping pong standing bolt upright

In the previous, I may need stated one of many following to them…

  • “You’re very tall. See if you can get down a little lower.”
  • “At the moment you’re standing up very straight. Try bending your knees.”
  • “Think about bringing your head down a bit closer to the level of the ball.”

In my head, that little teaching nugget will instantly have them standing correctly. But, in actuality, they usually find yourself “sitting down” as an alternative, with their weight on their heels, like this man…

table tennis player sitting downThat’s a simple repair in a one-to-one teaching session, however in a giant group of 20+ gamers, once I can spend lower than a minute watching a participant earlier than I would like to transfer on, it simply isn’t doable to go round finding out all of those little misunderstandings!

It’s much more difficult when the participant thinks they’re doing what you need and are consciously ensuring their knees keep bent – by sitting down.

Stop sitting down!

While we’re on the topic… “sitting down” along with your weight in your heels is a quite common stance error. After all, this man within the photograph clearly isn’t a newbie however he’s making a fairly basic mistake right here that’s going to hinder his potential to keep balanced, transfer rapidly, and even get first rate energy into his strokes.

The goalkeeper analogy can in a short time appropriate the issue. All I would like to say is…

  • Coach: Would you stand like that in the event you had been a goalkeeper prepared to obtain a penalty?
  • Player: Nope.
  • Coach: How would you stand as an alternative?
  • Player: Like this.
  • Coach: Ok, nice. Do that to any extent further.

And that’s the identical dialog I might have with the 2 workplace guys standing bolt upright. It doesn’t actually matter what the precise error is as a result of the goalkeeper analogy is all about what you SHOULD be doing, relatively than what you SHOULDN’T be doing.

And it’s straightforward to keep in mind. Once it’s been defined you solely want to keep in mind one phrase… goalkeeper.

How is your stance?

Stance is a kind of basic areas of desk tennis that numerous gamers assume they’ve mastered, when in reality they nonetheless have some work to do. It may not be till you see a photograph or video of your self taking part in that you simply realise your stance isn’t fairly proper.

I truly wrote an article about that very phenomenon a few years again known as Are You Doing What You Think You’re Doing? That is certainly price a learn in the event you’ve obtained a couple of minutes to spare.

If you will have any feedback you’d like to add to this weblog put up, please go away them beneath. I’ll be again subsequent Thursday with one other desk tennis teaching article on a subject of my selecting.

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