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STIGA Genesis Soft & Medium Rubber Review

Table Tennis Daily ran each STIGA Genesis Soft and STIGA Medium Rubber by means of their paces of their new Table Tennis Daily Studio.

Here are the stats on every rubber:

STIGA Genesis Soft
Sponge Soft
Technologies Transtension Sponge, OCS, Built-In Speed Glue Effect
Top sheet Spin elastic
Control 70
Spin 95
Speed 92

STIGA Medium Rubber
Sponge Medium
Technologies Transtension Sponge, OCS, Built-In Speed Glue Effect
Top sheet Spin elastic
Control 68
Spin 96
Speed 95

One of our prospects shared their ideas:

A contemporary refresh of extra classical really feel
I’ve been enjoying with Genesis S for about six months now on a number of blades, primarily a XIOM Zetro Quad. I’d name it a Japanese spin on Chinese rubber, nearly like a modernized refresh of Mark V. Genesis shares the Chinese-style dense sponge that grants a linear energy supply on photographs, together with a bit extra weight. Almost no tensor impact right here – in the event you hit just a little tougher, the ball’s going to go just a little quicker, not spring off your paddle. In this, there may be implausible management out there, particularly for serves and returns. The trick right here is that not like a Chinese rubber, the Genesis topsheet is Euro-style, and feels far more like Vega Europe, Bluefire JP, or Rasant. Using Genesis S, my supply has grow to be extra constant and managed. That encourages me to swing by means of photographs extra fully, with out worry of overshooting the desk. In this, Genesis S is a particularly efficient coaching rubber. Spin is implausible, and whereas it isn’t as quick as most trendy Euro-style rubbers like Rasant, Tenergy, or Bluefire, Genesis S nonetheless has extra pace than Chinese requirements like Skyline or Hurricane. Funny sufficient, Gold Arc three is the alternative of Genesis S – Chinese topsheet with tensor sponge. Genesis S additionally jogs my memory of Mark V, with its personal lack of accelerant sponge but wonderful functionality, solely Genesis S feels trendy and polished, with a relatively delicate really feel and higher potential. If you’re prepared to simply accept a surprisingly-small discount in pace and blocks, Genesis S is an outstanding rubber with a linear energy supply and a great deal of potential.

– Spencer, IN


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