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WATCH: Devon Alexander says ‘big’ fight next in June, talks overcoming opioid addiction

NEW YORK – The verdict which got here out of Devon Alexander’s final fight left a foul style in his mouth, a draw after twelve rounds with Victor Ortiz in February which most observers felt Alexander one.

“The decision could have been solidified and I could have moved on, but I have this cloud of a draw hanging over me,” mentioned Alexander (27-Four-1, 14 knockouts), 31, of St. Louis, Mo. “But all in all everybody saw it, everybody knows I won and I moved on.”

Even with out the official win, Alexander, a former junior welterweight and welterweight titleholder, believed he had delivered the message he supposed to the boxing world: “I’m back to the old Devon Alexander.”

As for his next outing, Alexander says he has a “big” fight developing in June towards an opponent he can’t but reveal. 

His largest fight in current years, a convincing win, hasn’t come in the boxing ring, however outdoors of it. Alexander has publicly revealed his battle with opioid addiction, an ordeal he mentioned he pulled out of by in search of assist, and remembering what he needed to stay for.

“What I want to tell them is they can do this, because I’m a living witness. If I’m in the ring fighting, I’m fighting for them,” Alexander mentioned, when requested what message was for others nonetheless fighting addiction.

“What I inform folks on a regular basis once they ask me how did I overcome it. I mentioned, I had one thing to sit up for. I had my household, and I had my profession. That’s how I used to be capable of overcome it. I used to be taking a look at my youngsters, like ‘man, I got really straighten up.’

“And being in a group with a lot of people around me saying what they was doing, scared the shit out of me to be honest. What they was doing, they was on heroin, it scared the shit out of me. It scared me straight, actually.”

Overcoming that hardest of foes has him feeling assured about his future battles in the ring.

“I got a lot left, I was going through something two years ago but I’m back and refreshed so I’m happy,” mentioned Alexander.

Ryan Songalia is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America and may be reached at ryansongalia@gmail.com.

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