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What is Roman Reigns’ Next Move after WWE Money in the Bank?

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Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal will face off at WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday, June 17. The Big Dog is taking the combat to The Modern Day Maharajah in a feud that has barely registered on the followers’ radar. It’s not that each guys haven’t given most effort up to now. Reigns and Mahal have carried out every part attainable to get the rivalry over.

But any time Roman is concerned, many followers are inclined to tune out. It ought to have been a slam dunk for him this time although, principally as a result of Mahal is so hated. Jinder has no redeeming qualities and he can’t even child out towards Reigns in the ring. Any different heel would have been hailed as the conquering hero only for making bitter faces at Roman.

However this rivalry is simply not working. Fans don’t appear to care about this and no quantity of brawling backstage or venomous promos from both facet can change it. This one is simply flat. Perhaps the greatest downside is not essentially the feud itself, however what comes after.

Roman Reigns is the face of WWE. His critics hate that. Many of them consider the time has come for the firm to alter course and go along with another person. Drew McIntyre’s title has bee talked about in fan circles over the previous few months. Why not give him the alternative to step up and present what he can do in that high spot?

Watch Reigns and Mahal brawl backstage on Raw:

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It doesn’t appear to matter that Drew isn’t prepared for that. Roman’s haters don’t care. They need him out. However if McIntyre was instantly placed on the quick observe and elevated as a high man, he would doubtless fail. That was his destiny the first time round and there’s simply no cause to revisit it proper now. WWE followers don’t wish to be power fed something or anybody. After all that’s why they turned on Reigns.

Roman was the ultimate candidate in the starting. He was the robust and silent kind when he rode with The Shield. He had uncanny energy, smoldering attractiveness and actual athletic capacity. Roman Reigns was the full bundle however he was uncooked clay. WWE wanted to mildew him, to work with him till he was sculpted into the high man the firm may make the most cash with. All he wanted was the time to be taught.

But Roman’s story is not one among persistence. It’s not even a narrative of timing. Roman’s story is one among handy reserving. Doors opened for Reigns that ordinarily don’t open until the man knocking is a confirmed predominant occasion expertise. Reigns was not.

He was put in a place to succeed practically each time and irrespective of how a lot the odds had been towards him, he all the time prevailed. That’s the place the comparisons to John Cena started. Those comparisons might by no means finish. Roman Reigns was featured in one predominant occasion match after one other till the thought of him being on high of the firm turned a actuality.

Roman Reigns was given extra alternatives than anybody else round him. He turned the high man in WWE as a result of the firm stated he was the high man. It was not a pure development. Nothing about Roman Reigns is natural. His predominant occasion star shines brilliant however the gentle is synthetic and the bulb is flickering.

Watch Reigns and Mahal sq. off in a tag match:

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The irony right here is that Roman is a workhorse. He might not have deserved the fast rise he loved however he earned it after he obtained there. Roman Reigns did every part requested of him and it’s unattainable to know if he may have carried out something extra. He’s not a pure on the mic and he certainly is aware of that. His character is a bit too goofy at instances when he needs to be a killer. Roman in all probability is aware of that as nicely. But what can he do about it?

WWE retains placing the mic in his hand and reserving his character. The firm is in full management. Roman is in the automotive however he’s not driving it. That’s simply the way it is. So as followers sit again and watch his feud with Jinder Mahal, a lot of them are doubtless questioning if Roman Reigns is getting again on observe after Money in the Bank.

Is that exactly what’s going to occur after June 17? Reigns is not in the Universal title image. He’s not in title rivalry in any respect. Roman is simply sort of there. He’s having a paint-by-numbers feud with Jinder and he’s doing simply positive. But for a man that’s purported to be the high tier of WWE, “just fine” is in all probability not ok.

The temptation to resume Roman’s predominant occasion run is doubtless nonetheless there. Why wouldn’t it’s? It’s laborious to consider that WWE would work so laborious over the previous few years to get Roman Reigns over solely to cease now. There have been many moments throughout these years when Reigns doubtlessly may have stopped. But WWE didn’t change course then, why would the course change now?

But even contemplating Roman’s positioning and the work carried out to get him there, is there a risk that WWE may quietly start sliding him to the facet? He wouldn’t go away and he would in all probability not lose his foothold in the firm. But what if he wasn’t the main focus of WWE anymore? His critics would definitely like to see a day come when Roman was not the man to hold the predominant occasion load.

Watch Reigns face Sunil Singh with Jinder at ringside on Raw:

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Of course then the query of who comes subsequent would wish a solution. WWE thrives on the high man system, as numerous professional wrestling firms have over the years. Many Superstars can ply their craft on a weekly foundation and lots of of them can carry followers to the desk. But at the finish of the day, there’s normally one man to guide the pack. It’s very true of WWE.

From Bruno Sammartino to Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold Steve Austin to John Cena, one high draw resides above the relaxation. So if Roman Reigns had been to transition to a robust second and even third choice, who would take the lead? Seth Rollins? Finn Balor? The aforementioned Drew McIntyre?

The truth is that nobody actually is aware of what WWE’s plans are after Money in the Bank. It might be that Roman Reigns will dive headfirst again into the predominant occasion image after June 17. If he does, then it’s doubtless that he could have the identical points he had earlier than. If the firm does go in a distinct course, then the transfer will take time and there’s no assure it’ll work. Could WWE make issues worse by elevating yet one more man so shortly? Roman Reigns might or might not be the worst alternative after all.


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