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WWE Smackdown Results – four/24/18 (MizTV with Daniel Bryan, Asuka teams with Becky Lynch)

WWE Smackdown Results
April 17, 2018
Louisville, Kentucky
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown kicks off with Miz TV because the Miz (minus the Miztourage who’re on Raw) makes his method to the ring.

Miz TV with Big Cass

The Miz welcomes everybody to Miz TV. The Miz says Smackdown is now the A present and he brings the rankings. He says there’s something lacking and that one thing is a title. A title that he’ll win for a report ninth time on the Greatest Royal Rumble occasion. That title is the Intercontinental championship.

But that’s in three days and now could be the second the world has been ready for. The Miz says when his daughter was born and he appeared her within the eyes, all of the bitterness and hatred he had in direction of Daniel Bryan went away. And he’s shocked Daniel Bryan didn’t have the identical emotions when his daughter was born. He says Daniel and his are each masterful in ring technicians however the one distinction is that when he grew to become a father, he knew he needed to change. The Miz tells Daniel Bryan if he nonetheless needs to return out and punch him within the face, he can do exactly that. He says the followers wish to see Daniel Bryan come out and punch him within the face.

Big Cass’ music hits and out comes Big Cass wearing a go well with. The Miz asks him if he may help him. Big Cass tells The Miz he doesn’t have a visitor so he can interview him. He says nobody cares about Daniel Bryan. Big Cass says he was on the shelf nursing an ACL damage for seven months and the day he will get cleared, Daniel Bryan will get cleared as nicely. And all he hears from the WWE Universe is Daniel Bryan this and Daniel Bryan that. No one talked about Big Cass. He says he’s residing within the shadow of that extraordinary little man.

The Miz tells him if he’s attempting to assist him with Daniel Bryan, he doesn’t want his assist. Big Cass says regardless of what he thinks, not the whole lot on this world is about him. The Miz asks him if he has any concept who he’s. Big Cass threatens to close The Miz’s mouth “once and for all”.

The Miz says this isn’t about them, it’s about Daniel Bryan. Big Cass says sure, it’s about that common Joe. He says that Daniel Bryan ought to be his rubbish man however as an alternative of choosing up his trash on Tuesday, he comes out and spews out trash to everybody. Big Cass says he is aware of what it’s prefer to be Daniel Bryan, to be crushed, bullied and pushed round. till in the future he bought sick and uninterested in it. And he began to develop. He grew and he grew into seven toes tall. And when he grew, he went again to everybody who made enjoyable of him and beat them up. He says Daniel Bryan reminds him of himself when he was just a little man and he despises him. And right here he’s within the WWE. And he didn’t must work in Japan or the Indie scene as a result of he’s tall, educated and good trying. And that makes him a star, it makes him cash. Yet he nonetheless lives within the shadow of a Daniel Bryan. And he’ll make sure that Daniel Bryan goes again to the place he belongs. Battered, bruised and retired. Big Cass throws his mic and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Becky Lynch and Asuka are strolling they usually discover Daniel Bryan down holding his shoulder with a referee.


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The IIconics are within the ring they usually begin speaking about how good they each look. Billie Kay says Becky Lynch caught her nostril the place it didn’t belong. Peyton Royce then begins to mock Becky’s accent. They say if Charlotte Flair beat Asuka’s undefeated streak, then they helped finish Charlotte’s title reign, then they’re higher than Asuka. They are the long run and simply as they proceed to speak, Becky Lynch’s music hits which is adopted by Asuka’s.


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Asuka and Becky Lynch vs. The IIconics

Back from industrial and Peyton Royce is within the ring with Becky Lynch. A suplex by Becky and Peytin tags in Billie Kay who goes after Becky Lynch immediately. She goes for the duvet however a fast kick out. She tags Peyton Royce again in and each girls concentrating on Becky’s left arm. Another tag in for Billie Kay. An arm bar by Billie Kay onto Becky Lynch.

Becky begins combating out and a double clothesline as each go down. Becky tags Asuka in as does Billie with Peyton. Asuka grabs Peyton and delivers a standing ankle lock. Then a German suplex and adopted by a hip to the face. Becky Lynch will get the tag in and each ladies with a double hip toss onto Peyton Royce. Right fingers by Becky onto Peyton. Becky thrown onto the ring apron. Billie Kay distracts Becky and Peyton throws Becky into the ring publish and again into the ring. She goes for the duvet with each toes on the ropes and will get the win!

Winners: The IIconics

Renee Young is exterior of Shane McMahon’s workplace. AJ Styles opens the door and walks out of the workplace. AJ says he’s a contented man, he plugs the Royal Rumble occasion saying he’ll be 1 on 1 with Nakamura. AJ says tonight he’ll get the prospect to melt up Nakamura. AJ says tonight there can be a 6 man tag workforce match, as Nakamura will workforce up with his mates from Rusev Day however refuses to disclose who his companions can be however says will probably be too candy.



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The Usos are backstage discussing The Bludgeon Brothers as Naomi walks in. Naomi is not going to apologize for popping out and saving them final week. Naomi tells Jimmy she loves him however Jimmy says they are going to be cautious and tonight he’ll maintain Rowan.


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Rowan vs. Jimmy Uso

The bell rings and Rowan takes Jimmy down with a drop kick which is adopted by a headbut. He throws Jimmy to the skin, Jay goes to assault Harper however he will get huge booted out. Jimmy again in on the highest rope and he delivers a cross physique. Back onto the highest rope however Rowan pushes Jimmy off and he goes flying onto the barricade. Rowan on the skin takes Jimmy out with an elbow to the face.

He throws Jimmy again within the ring. He picks Jimmy up and Naomi’s music hits because the lights exit and she or he walks out. The lights come again up and Jay with a flying kick takes Harper out. Rowan turns round and a flying kick takes Rowan out. He rolls him up and will get the win!

Winner: Jimmy Uso



Smackdown Live Women’s contract signing – Carmella and Charlotte Flair

Renee Young is within the ring and it’s time for the Smackdown Women’s title match contract signing. Out comes the Smackdown Live ladies’s champion Carmella. Renee is about to introduce Charlotte however Carmella snatches the microphone. She tells Renee what she’s doing is disrespectful. She says she’s introducing the Smackdown ladies’s champion first. She asks in what world is it acceptable to introduce the champion earlier than the challenger. And earlier than all of it turns into about Charlotte, she has one thing to say.

She is the champion. She is your (as she factors to the group) champion. The followers begin to boo and she or he says they’re booing her as a result of nobody will ever know what it’s prefer to be a champion like her. Last week she gave the WWE universe a Mellabration. But when it was over, nobody gave her a standing ovation. Carmella says since she is the champion and makes the foundations, she’s going to play the identical spotlight reel she performed final week. Except that this week, they may give her the standing ovation that she deserves.

They air the video bundle however the followers don’t cheer. She says no, that’s not adequate and she’s going to air it once more and proceed to air it till she will get the ovation she needs. Half means into the video Charlotte’s music hits and she or he walks down. Carmella taunts the ladies’s title in her face. Renee Young asks Carmella to be skilled and have a seat. Renee asks Carmella to as soon as extra sit. Charlotte indicators the contract for the match at Backlash. Carmella will get in Charlotte’s face and Charlotte smashes Carmella’s face onto the desk and flips the desk over. Carmella goes down as Charlotte leaves the ring.


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Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin

With Shelton Benjamin already within the ring, Jeff Hardy;s music hits and whereas making his means all the way down to the ring, Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks down. Jeff stops half means as Orton will get into the ring.

The bell rings and each males lock up. Shelton goes for Orton’s knee attempting to take him down however Orton pushes him off. Both males lock up once more and a headlock by Shelton which is reverses as Orton sends him to the ropes. A shoulder to shoulder takes Orton down. Both males again up, Orton goes for the RKO however Shelton pushes him off.

Both males change proper fingers and Orton with an uppercut takes Shelton down. Shelton on the ring apron, Orton goes for the DDT however Shelton reverses it as he pushes Orton into the ropes. Shelton delivers some kicks to the pinnacle as Orton goes to the skin.

-Commercial Break-

Back from industrial break, Shelton has Orton in a headlock however orton will get out of it. Right fingers and a headbut by Orton however Shelton with a spinning kick takes Orton down. He goes for the duvet however solely a 2 rely. Shelton as soon as extra with a head lock however Orton will get out of it and delivers a again suplex.

Randy with powerslam. Shelton on the ring apron and Orton with a DDT as he begins getting ready for the RKO. Shelton rolls out of the ring. Orton goes out and he will get able to throw Shelton onto Jeff Hardy who’s sitting at ring aspect by Jeff strikes out of the best way. Instead Randy throws SHelton on the announce desk. He tosses Shelton again into the ring. Jeff who’s seen limping on the skin will get attacked by a masked man. The masked man runs into the ring as Orton grabs him. He takes the masks off and it’s Sunil Singh will get the RKO from OIrton. Orton turns round and the Pay grime by Shelton. He goes for the duvet and will get the three rely.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Backstage The New Day are celebrating the launch of The Book of Booty. They get interrupted by The Bar. They inform New Day to not fear as a result of after they win again the Raw Tag Team titles, they are going to be again on Raw. Sheamus says it’s clear that the competitors on Smackdown doesn’t stack up (Sheamus says that as he grabs a stack of pancakes). They then stroll away.

Still backstage, AJ Styles is joined by Anderson and Gallows. AJ says that is the place they belong they usually “too sweet” one another.


-Commercial Break-

Renee Young is backstage with Daniel Bryan who has a giant ice pack on his shoulder. Daniel says he bought blindsided by a coward. He states why would a 7 foot tall man assault somebody from behind. And that he spoke to Paige and at Backlash, will probably be him going 1 on 1 in opposition to Big Cass.

They air a pre-taped promo of Samoa Joe the place he talks about Friday’s Intercontinental title match on the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

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AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows vs. Aiden English, Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura

The match begins with Nakamura and Styles because the authorized males. But proper when the bell rings, Nakamura tags Aiden into the ring. Styles assaults Nakamura and goes after Aiden. AJ tags Anderson who shortly tags Styles again in. AJ tags Gallows in and all three change fast tags beating up on Aiden English. Rusev will get within the ring and all three males take him out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from industrial, AJ with proper fingers on Rusev. Rusev goes to assault Nakamura however a Machka kick by Rusev. He tags Aiden English in and he begins stomping on Styles. Some proper fingers by English and a headlock by English on Styles. Aiden tags Nakamura in and Nakamura with some kicks onto Styles taking him down. Nakamura with a kick to the chest. He tags Rusev in.

An influence slam by Rusev and a fast elbow by Rusev. He goes for the duvet however a 2 rely kick out. He tags English in and each males double workforce AJ Styles. Aiden goes for the duvet however Stylers kicks out. A headlock by Aiden onto AJ however Styles will get out of it. Aiden runs to the ropes and a drop kick by Styles. Aiden tags Rusev in however the Pele kick by AJ takes Rusev down. AJ tags Gallows in and Rusev tags Aiden in. Gallows with a clothesline onto English which is adopted by a kick to the ribs. Gallows with the pump deal with slam and a giant splash. He goes for the duvet however Rusev breaks it up.

Gallows throws Rusev and Aiden to the skin. Nakamura who was tagged in when Gallows wasn’t trying assaults Gallows from behind delivering the Kinshasa. He goes for the duvet and will get the three rely. Styles assaults Nakamura and each males combat however Nakamura delivers a low blow taking AJ Styles out. Nakamura goes for the knee to the face however Anderson throws himself in entrance of Styles and will get hit with it as an alternative.

Nakamura with one other Kinshasa onto Anderson as AJ Styles seems on.

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev and Aiden English

Nakamura celebrates as Smackdown goes off the air.

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