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Yoga for Runners

Yoga has many well being advantages, together with constructing muscle energy, regulating your adrenal glands and bettering your posture amongst different issues. For the health fanatics of our modern-day society, yoga may also help us maintain nice breath management and assist runners and cyclists enhance their flexibility while additionally serving to accidents heal sooner.

Tight hamstrings are a quite common drawback for people who run typically and that is additionally a standard aspect have an effect on for these of us who’ve hyper-mobile joints together with myself. Regular yoga may also help loosen the tightness within the hamstrings and likewise assist us stop accidents occurring from tightness within the leg muscle tissues and joints and nerves across the hamstrings.

Here is a listing of my prime 5 go to Yoga poses that may assist stretch out the hamstrings and may be carried out ideally straight after or the day after a long term:

1 -Reclining huge toe pose
This can be among the best poses for loosening the tightness that working creates within the legs. This pose is nice if practised with a strap as per the image on the left. Here within the image you possibly can see the distinction common use of the strap can have on stretching out the hamstrings and serving to mend accidents and develop energy within the leg and knee space that will have been prompted when working. To do that pose preserve the backbone on the mat after which draw the knee in the direction of the chest earlier than straightening it. Use with a strap for extra help and repeat on the opposite leg.

2- Half pigeon pose 
This pose is without doubt one of the greatest poses for getting a very deep stretch within the hips. It opens the deep muscle tissues within the hips and hip flexors. Tightness within the hips is one other frequent drawback for people who run typically. To get into this pose begin in both a desk prime or downward dealing with canine place after which convey one leg ahead and cross it over while lengthening the opposite leg. Create size within the backbone after which fold forwards to deepen the stretch. You can use a block or pillow on beneath your head if that’s extra snug. Aim to remain right here for 2-5 minutes to get a very deep stretch and repeat on the opposite aspect.
half pigeon

three – Goddess pose
This pose is superb for strengthening legs and likewise opening the hips. Take a giant step aside with the toes and switch them to an angle of about 45 levels. Raise the arms above the top lengthening the backbone and keep for round 6 breaths.

four – Side plank and Variations
This pose is nice for constructing core energy which may also help take care of and help the backbone while working, if posture is best because of this. It additionally strengthens the legs, fingers and wrists. To start begin in an everyday plank place after which transfer one hand to the centre of the mat. Ground that hand and switch your physique to the aspect, reaching upwards with the opposite arm. The prime leg may be straight and lifted to accentuate the pose or it might be bent right into a tree place or left on the bottom for a softer choice.
side plank

5 – Downward canine 
This pose helps relieve again ache that may be brought on by working. It improves circulation and strengthens the entire physique. It additionally helps you breathe deeper and can provide you stronger hamstrings. Start on all fours after which tucking below the toes bend your legs and carry your tailbone to the sky so that you come right into a v form. Hold for round 6 breaths and repeat if essential. Try peddling out the toes while within the pose if the stress on the arms is simply too robust.
downward dog

Yoga may also help runners handle their respiration higher by studying numerous Pranayama methods. Yoga apply helps oxygenate the physique and create power. Deep inhales and exhales which might be taught in yoga can improve lung capability which may improve endurance and in flip improve efficiency. This is especially helpful for lengthy distance runners, particularly people who run marathons.

Overall the psychological readability that yoga helps to create together with the postural alignment suggestions which might be taught throughout a yoga class may be extremely useful and counteract the extreme injury to the knees and hamstrings that may be a aspect have an effect on of working. So go on, give it a attempt! You could decide up a behavior of a lifetime and people hamstrings will thanks for it!

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